A Feature Toggle Story

In the following article, I’ll talk about how the feature toggle technique helped me to introduce a new feature even when not all dependencies were ready. How the same technique enabled the delivery of a big refactor. Finally, another use case I will touch on is how was possible to altered the behavior of a system based on configurable feature toggles and user info.

Unit Testing Anti-Patterns

Writing unit tests might be challenging, especially when dealing with an ongoing project with already established hard-to-break anti-patterns.

REST Search API with QueryDSL

One of the most common features in a typical web application is the search functionality. The tricky thing is that we have to provide it via REST API and make it quite dynamic in terms of supported operators and filtrable fields. In the following paragraphs, we’ll go through what QueryDSL offers and how a lightweight extension could help.

Running Java shebang with Kubernetes

Java 11, among other features, introduced the possibility of running a single Java source file. We are going to see a practical example of this feature running with kubernetes.